In Bukovinian State Medical University there are four medical and pharmaceutical faculties, faculty of postgraduate education, as well as preparatory department for foreign citizens. The structure of the Bukovina State Medical University consists of Chernivtsi, Novoselytsya Vashkovetsky and medical colleges.
Education in Bukovinian State Medical University is carried out on specialties:
medicine, pediatrics, medical psychology, dentistry, pharmacy, clinical pharmacy and nursing. laboratory diagnostics. Material-technical base of Bukovina State Medical University:
Bukovina State Medical University has 12 academic buildings, the bases of the university are 25 clinical departments of local and regional health care institutions. Classrooms and laboratories are equipped with modern technical facilities, equipment and computer technology, the library has a book collection of about 1 million copies, 5 reading halls.
Study process is quite long. After  six years of education a graduate has the right to engage only theoretical activities. To a patient such kind of a doctor will not be  allowed. Apart from the main university course, have to compulsorily pass internship, practice for a period of one year. After 6 years of training it is a formal minimum for future physicians, surgeons and others.
Profession of the doctor is much more complicated than it seems at first glance, and much more interesting. A lot imagine it only in the serials, but in reality it is not the same. Doctor - is pride and responsibility. From the first course all students are told that, every time wearing a white robe, they take certain obligations. No wonder since ancient times is one of the most prestigious professions. Despite the opinion that doctors earn very little, many doctors deny their example this statement. Today, there are many private clinics, and government support for the industry is growing year by year.



Chancellor's Message

“The most important principle of our work is a wish that science and medicine were humane, highly intelligent, that the physician not only helped the person to overcome a disease, but also displayed kindness, high morals and worked for the positive development of mankind."

I welcome those aspiring candidates, who have dream to serve the society as a doctor. Our location, facilities, teachers and programs were all chosen to provide the students with the greatest possible opportunity to achieve their goals. Our spacious and modern facilities provide our students with a pleasant study atmosphere.

International Relations

The Department of International Relations of Bukovinian State Medical University was founded in 29.10.2003 by the order of the Rector on the basis of corresponding directive documents of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine . The activity of the Department of International Relations is guided by operating acts, orders, instructions and recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Health of Ukraine , orders of the rector of university, decisions of an academic council of University.

International Students

The International students department at Bukovinian State Medical University was established by the University as part of its commitment to the internationalization of its programs and activities. The International students department provides a facility and service for the support of foreign students. The Center comprises a small staff group who network with the University's Academic Departments, Corporate and Student Services.

Student's Voice

BSMU is among one of the best universities in Ukraine.

More then 5000 students are studying in BSMU, 800 are international students, what are the students views about BSMU

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